Oven Parts Repair & Spares

Get your oven parts and spare installation, repair and service in Nairobi Kenya with ease. Understanding the different parts of an oven is a first important step towards understanding their use and importance

Your oven can be a complicated appliance, one that most of us use every day but know little about. If your oven becomes faulty it can be difficult to pin point the part of the oven that is causing the issue. So firstly, it’s important to know the key components of your oven. The parts of your oven that may cause problems are oven elements, thermometers and the fan or motor.

You may think there is no way you’re capable of working out why your oven isn’t working or being able to fix it – but it really isn’t as complicated as you think. Here are Cooker Spare Parts we are here to help, so here is a little run down of the important parts of your cooker. We’ll inform you of their role in your cooker, what will happen if it becomes faulty and how you can fix the problem. So let’s get down to it.

Oven Elements

We start with possibly one of the most important parts of your cooker, the oven element! It’s the cooker part that heats up and supplies the heat that will cook your meals. There are two types of oven elements – Fan Oven Elements and Oven Base Elements. A fan oven element is circular in shape and is fitted in front of your oven fan – this will allow the heat to be evenly spread around your oven cavity. An Oven Base Element fits to the bottom of your oven and distributes heat from there – however the hot air isn’t as evenly spread as a fan oven element.

If your oven element is faulty, you may find that your oven is struggling to heat up or isn’t heating up at all. This of course is a bit of a problem, as your cooker’s main role is to produce heat that will enable you to cook your meals. If you’re oven element is faulty, we recommend that you take a look at our fantastic selection of replacement oven elements. We’re confident they’ll have your oven performing better than ever before!

Electric Thermostats and Regulators

Every electric cooker needs a thermostat! Without a fully working thermostat your oven’s temperature won’t be properly regulated. Your oven’s thermostat is in charge of informing your oven element to stop heating up once it has reached the temperature you set it to. It also ensures that your oven remains at that temperature. If your oven thermostat or regulators are faulty, you may find that your oven will be overheating or even under heating – causing your food to be incorrectly cooked, and therefore should be replaced as soon as possible.

Here at Cooker Spare Parts we have a huge range of Electric Thermostats and Regulators that will ensure your cooker’s temperature is regulated once again.

Oven Fan and Motors

We sell two types oven fans here at Cooker Spare Parts. The first oven fan we sell is responsible for evenly distributing the hot air in your oven cavity. It is situated behind your fan oven element at the back of your oven cavity. The other oven fan we have to offer is a cooling fan; and you can probably guess its role – your oven cooling fan’s job is to prevent your oven from overheating and burning your meals. Both these oven fans are very important components to your cooker, and if they’re faulty it’s very important to replace them as soon as you can.


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